Hedo Check List

Check list for "Must" Things to bring and "Must Not" Things to bring.


"Must" Things to bring:

  • Good pair of thongs or sandals

  • Toga and or Toga accessories (like safety pins, gold cord for waist etc.)

  • Fancy dress for pajama party, anything goes. (time to dig out those Fredrick of Hollywood costumes)

  • Descent sized, insulated cups (1 each). (Delroy's bar will fill up any size of cup you give them)

  • Sarong or wrap-a-round (male & female) for easing into the nude thing and or running from the nude side to prude side for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  • SUNSCREEN, hat and Solar cane for that great Jamaica sun.

  • Bring your own toiletries since they are expensive at Hedo. (but the gift shop is well equipped though)

  • CD's, all rooms have CD players. Sometimes you can talk Delroy into playing on of yours at the nude pool.

  • Aspirins, Alka seltzer, vitamins and etc. for an occasional hang-over.

  • Camera (digital is best). Pictures can be taken at the nude side as long as you ask anyone near there for permission or have them move.


"Must Not" Things to bring:

  • Allot of clothes, long pants and dresses are not necessary. (hey, its the tropics mon)

  • Don't bring allot of clothes. (see above)

  • Towels, there are really enough towels at Hedo, you just need to know were to look.

  • Short temper. Jamaicans have three speeds slow, dead slow and reverse.

  • Allot of cash, all of the shops at Hedo take all major credit cards and no tipping allowed. ($200 - $300 should be enough)

  • Hair dryers, all rooms have them built-in.


Some other good suggestions

  • Make business cards with your names and e-mail address's on it to hand out to the new friends you meet at Hedo. Go to Office Depot or Staples and buy business cards for your Laser or Ink Jet Printer. Using Word go to Tools and then select Envelopes and Labels.. then Options and chose Business Card from Product numbers then chose New Document. Be creative and have fun.

  • Rafts and pools toys. Bring fun shaped rafts and pool toys like beach balls for Hedo games in the afternoon at the nude pool and hot tub.


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